AIR CONDITIONING              


Approximately 1 in 5 people in America suffer with serious allergy or sinus problems and over 35 million Americans are affected by seasonal allergies. There's not a lot you can do about pollen and allergens in the air outside, but there's a whole lot you can do for your indoor air.

Ask your technician about Hepa filtration air cleaners. They do a terrific job of filtering dust, microorganisms and foreign objects. Much more effective than disposable and electrostatic filters, Hepa filters can eliminate up to 99% of all household irritants. Also, if you suspect molds, call your dealer to inspect your ductwork.

Indoor air is often even more polluted than outdoor air. Pollen, dust, smoke from cooking and tobacco, animal dander, dead skin cells and hair can collect in stagnant indoor air.

Humidity is another important factor in your comfort and your health. The low relative humidity of winter has been cited as a factor in throat and nose irritation. A whole house humidifier can solve the problem.

AQAC's professional service technicians will evaluate your home or business for ways to mitigate indoor pollution and provide solutions to ensure healthy indoor air quality.

We will begin by performing the following services

  • Ductwork Inspection
  • Ductwork Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Inspection
  • Heating System Inspection
  • Whole Home Inspection